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Storage Units In Tarrytown

Looking for Tarrytown Self Storage units near me? Learn why our tenants consider us the premiere storage facility in Tarrytown. At Tarrytown Self Storage we are here to assist you with all your moving and storage needs. You’ll discover our pleasant and well-mannered, expert representatives here to assist you. Give us a call (914) 631-7867

Why Our Tenants Consider Tarrytown Self Storage The Premiere Local Facility

Our brand new, climate controlled, energy efficient, 3 story facility located in the heart of the village of Tarrytown, under the “H” bridge, provides amenities unique to Westchester County. These unique amenities include:

Storage units photo of cedar closet interior unit
Cedar Closet Units

Cedar Closet Storage Units

Where else can you rent your very own climate controlled, Cedar Closet unit?
Ideal for storage seasonal clothes, shoes, delicates and bedding, these storage units provide all the benefits of a cedar closet without the expense and hassle of building your own. Our onsite experts will assist you with everything you need to transform these units into the offsite cedar closet you’ve always dreamed of.

tenant only room access Tarrytown Self Storage

Tenant Only Access

Tenant Only Room Access

Your lock is unique to you and you’re the only one with the key. The locks are easy to open and close. Using a Tarrytown Self Storage lock may also qualify you for an insurance discount (ask your reservation agent for details).

storage units photo of storage lockers from hallway
Storage Lockers

Secure Lockers

Need a small, affordable, secure locker? We’ve got a wide selection of lockers to choose from. These storage units are great for storing records, file cabinets, bankers boxes and other items you need to get out of your home, office or dorm room.

storage units photo of hallway lighting
Motion Sensor Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting

Our motion sensor lighting helps keep our costs down by turning the lighting off when not needed. However, once a motion sensor is tripped, the fixtures provide clear, high density illumination throughout the corridors and for rooms being accessed.

storage units photo of unit identification number
Easy To Locate Unit Numbers

Easy Unit Identification

Each unit is clearly numbered with directional arrows to make it very easy to find your storage unit.

storage units photo of inside contruction

Steel Construction

Unique Room Construction

Our private, tenant-only accessible storage rooms are constructed with durability, cleanliness and security as top of mind concerns. Easy glide roll up doors provide a light weight, secure access to your unit. Once inside you’ll find the steel walls and concrete floors the perfect template to organize your belongings.

Hands On Family Ownership Makes A Big Difference

Family Ownership Committed To Westchester County

We have deep roots in Westchester County since our first facility opened more than 20 years ago in Bedford. Our Tarrytown facility is the latest addition to our network of locations throughout the county. We live and work here and we’re building for a bright Westchester future.

Years of Hands On Storage Expertise

We are here to help you with all your storage units needs. You’ll find our pleasant and well-mannered expert representatives are here to assist you. Call (914) 631-7867.

A Few Rental Tips To Consider

How To Rent A Storage Unit Over The Phone

If you don’t want to bother with visiting our facility, that’s no problem for us at all. Many of our tenants have secured their own private, tenant-only accessible storage units over the phone. Our manager and support staff are trained to help you, sight unseen, so you never have to leave your home or office. We’ll walk you through our available inventory of rooms and help match you with the perfect room for your particular needs.

Many people get confused with all the options in the marketplace. We pride ourselves on cutting through the jargon to make your decision easy.

Our process couldn’t be more straightforward and simple. We’ll ask you a few questions about what you need to move, for how long and when. We’ll recommend a few options that will provide the best options for you. We’ll discuss the benefits of climate controlled units, if we think these units may be applicable.
Next, we’ll discuss room size and your room accessibility needs. Certain units may be better configured for your particular needs and others may be better located within our facility.

Before we conclude our call, we provide you with options to get your belongings into your unit. Depending upon your circumstances, our Door-To-Store service may be an ideal option to you renting a truck, recruiting friends and family or hiring someone.

We’ll wrap our call up with a proposal that details the room size, type, location, availability, transport options and price.

Insider Tips For Renting The Best Storage Unit In Person

Schedule An Appointment To Avoid Waiting
Most people that come to us for a self storage unit want to speak with someone quickly, without having to wait. The best tip to avoid waiting is to schedule an appointment in advance. You can do that two ways: by calling us or by chatting with us online via our Live Chat link.

Be Prepared About What You Need To Store
The better prepared you are about about what you need to store, the more efficient we can be in helping you secure the best room for your needs. An inventory list would be a great thing to bring with you. Running through your item list with you, our unit specialist can easily go through several options. 

An important consideration is when you need the unit and for how long you plan to need it. Think about whether your timeline is flexible or not. We generally have a variety of units becoming available at any given time, but availability can be affected by seasonality and local conditions. Flexibility can not only increase the number of options available to you, it can also affect price.


Think about how often and the times of day you may need to access your room. Will you need a drive up exterior unit or will a second floor unit suffice? 

Our Easy In-Person Rental Process

Our process when we meet is very simple. We’ll ask you about the items you have and when you need to move them. Depending upon what you tell us, we may recommend a climate controlled unit.

Then, we’ll search our available inventory of units and give you options in terms of size and locations within our facility.

Lastly, we’ll discuss move in and transport options including our Door-To-Store service which many people use as an alternative to renting a truck, recruiting friends and family or hiring someone.

Climate Controlled vs Standard Storage Units

Climate Controlled Storage Units

Climate controlled storage provides a moderated temperature to keep your belongings in a constant environment. This eliminates extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels throughout the year.

Standard Storage Units

Standard storage are often used for storage of items not easily affected by fluctuations in temperature and humidity and provide a cost savings when compared with climate controlled rooms

Door To Store Service

Don’t want to recruit your family and friends or move everything yourself? We created a Door To Store service to help you, with several options to choose from., all you have to do is give us a call (914) 631-7867 and we’ll take you through our Door To Store Service.

Storage Facility Security

The importance of security cannot be underestimated and is a topic we take very seriously.

We understand how important your possessions are to you and the value that each item has, intrinsically, emotionally or out of necessity. When keeping something at home isn’t possible and discarding it isn’t an option, the security of a self storage facility should be a top-of-mind selection criteria.

We look at security in two ways: (1) securing the items inside your private access unit and (2) security within the confines of our facility, from the perimeter of our gates to the corridors, driveways, offices and gate access.


We want you to feel secure arriving and leaving your unit at all hours of the day. As such we’ve installed lighting prominently inside all buildings and hallways. We strive to replace any broken bulbs and switches immediately. Where possible, we’ve installed motion detectors to provide lighting between units and can be easily installed throughout your facility.


Cleanliness and facility maintenance is very important to us. You can even say it’s an obsession. We care about keeping our facility and our individual units clean and neat for our current and future tenants and their belongings.

24/7 CCTV Surveillance Cameras

We’ve installed closed circuit tv cameras throughout the outside and inside hallways of our facility as well as in out office and at our entry gate. In the case of an emergency, the footage from our surveillance cameras can be provided.

Perimeter Fencing

The perimeter of our facility is fenced to deter unwanted visitors from our property and keeping strangers from walking in or around our facility.

Computerized PIN Based Gate Access

Our gate access is controlled through the issuance of individual personal identification numbers PIN numbers). Our gate access is also monitored by our staff during business hours and via our CCTV security cameras 24/7.

Storage Unit Lock

Tenants at all Westchester Self Storage facilities receive their own lock and because the lock is unique to them and they’re the only ones with the key or combination, they’re the only ones that have access to their unit. Each storage room is private, tenant-only accessible.

Tenant Protection

Our Self Storage Unit Tenant Protection May Save You Money

Tarrytown Self Storage may be able to help you save money when you protect the contents of your unit with us. Tenant protection may cover damage to your belongings in the event of a variety of unforeseen circumstances. Your storage advisor will be happy to explain the coverage options available to you.

Storage Unit Sizes

Storage units are available in an assortment of different shapes, sizes and types. Our facilities are built this way to accommodate the needs of a wide variety of people, businesses and circumstances. Each situation creates a different demand in storage in urban and suburban locations these days. We have over 40 different room shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs and budget.

Some people just need a small closet-like room to hold their most precious belongings. Others need to store delicate fabrics, wood furniture or sensitive records. Business owners often secure a unit for their excess inventory and old files.

Storage Unit Near Me Sizes . . .How Much Space Do You Need? 

Determining how much storage space you need is essential.

Most storage facilities sell you their available, unoccupied storage units with little-to-no regard for matching you with the unit size you actually need. Unfortunately, in the end, this carelessness comes at your expense. In many cases you end up paying for a more expensive storage unit than you actually need. Our approach is entirely different. Our consultants have been extensively trained to find the perfect size unit for your specific needs remotely, over the phone, so that you can be at home, at work or on the go rather than having to drive over to us.

7 Simple Steps To Storage Unit Optimization

Storage Units7 Simple Steps To Storage Unit Optimization PDF screenshot

Click Image To Download

Step 1 – Catalog, Label And Inventory Storage Contents

Create an inventory catalog that records the number of each box or item, identifies which room its associated with, the contents of the box, the size of the box and whether its contents are fragile. Clearly label each box with a preprinted label that has your last name and box number on it or use a black felt-tip marker instead. Use the marker or brightly colored label to make it easy to identify “FRAGILE” contents. Make sure the labels and identification markings are made on the side of any boxes (in addition to the top of the box) that makes it easy to identify box contents when stacked.

Step 2 – Disassemble Equipment, Furniture, Shelving and Other Items

Space is at a premium and it’s important to make the most efficient use of it. Break down items that can be readily disassembled such as bed frames, couches, desks, shelving, tables and chairs.

Step 3 – Create Rows And Utilize Perimeter Walls

Place your items along exterior walls and use them to support your boxes and freestanding belongings. Create rows of boxes from the exterior walls inward toward the center of the room. Leave sufficient space between rows to be able to get to each item. Be sure to face the labels towards the row aisles so you can read them.

Step 4 – Create A Stable Base To Stack Boxes

It should go without saying, but use the heavier boxes to create a stackable foundation for lighter boxes, placing the most fragile content boxes on the top.

Step 5 – Keep Appliance Doors Slightly Open

Keeping appliance doors open slightly will help prevent stale air and the build up of mold.

Step 6 – Use Padding To Wrap Mirrors, Picture Frame And Artwork

Prevent breakage by using padding along with plastic wrap to create a tight barrier that can absorb minor impacts during the moving process

Step 7 – Leave The Most Frequently Accessed Items In Front

If you plan on retrieving certain belongings or supplies on a regular or infrequent basis, place those items near the front of the door. Plan ahead when moving in so that it’s easy to identify and position these items in front without the need for a lot of rearrangement.

3 Simple Steps To Visualizing The Capacity Of A Storage Room

Storage Units 3 steps to visualizing the capacity of a storage room PDF screenshot

Click Image To Download

Step 1 – Mark Off Two 5’x10’ Areas As Templates

Measure two ‘5×10’ areas next directly connected to each other. Doing so will provide both a 5’x10’ and a 10’x20’ area. Use masking tape or painters tape to define the perimeters. These will serve as templates for judging the size unit you’ll need.

Step 2 – Pack Up And Place Into The Taped Areas

Gather everything you want to put into storage including your furniture, boxes, equipment, tools and equipment. Move everything you plan on storing into the taped areas. Stack items as you plan to inside the storage unit taking a ceiling into consideration.

Step 3 – Call To Speak With A Storage Specialist To Reserve A Unit

For more information please get in touch with our expert personnel to best guide you for all your storage needs call (914) 631-7867

Urbanization and Downsizing’s Impact Upon Self Storage In Westchester

Urbanization has been growing in Westchester, as it has in many places all over the country.

In many ways Westchester now resembles more of an urban area more than a suburban one. For many long-time county residents, downsizing provides the only viable option to remaining in Westchester through their retirement years.

Others find Manhattan too expensive or prefer the escape from the city.

For many people this translates to smaller living accommodations. Many residences are following trend of becoming smaller and smaller as a greater number of people now reside in more densely populated geographic areas, such as the metro NYC area.

A greater number people want to have their property kept somewhere safe and secure outside of their residence. As a result, the number of people who need storage outside of the home has increased.


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