Free Pick Up Service In Tarrytown

Free pick up self storage offers an alternative to conventional self storage in Tarrytown and throughout Westchester County.
An Alternative To Traditional Self Storage

When renting a traditional self storage room, the burden rests with you to take care of everything yourself. Typically, you’ll have to rent a moving truck, recruit friends and family or hire a professional moving company.

You’ll also have pack everything up, get it into the truck and unload the truck at the storage facility. Properly identifying your belongings and organizing the placement of everything in your storage room is crucial if you plan of accessing anything, even if just occasionally. The biggest complaint we hear from tenants is the time, money and hassle they experience moving themselves into their unit.

Why hire a mover, recruit your family and friends or move everything yourself?

Our Free Pick Up Service may be the answer!

Tarrytown Self Storage - TRUCK
Tarrytown Self Storage - Reasons To Consider Our Free Pick Up Service

Free Pick Up Services

Moving your belongings into self storage doesn’t need to be a complicated process. Why stress? Just give us a call and we’ll walk you through our Free Pick Up service. The service includes free pick up of your items and is often the ideal solution for both temporary and long-term storage needs.

A friendly member of our qualified team will be happy to assist you in selecting the correct storage room size to fit your requirements. We have everything you’ll need to move. We offer the biggest selection of moving boxes and packing materials in the neighborhood.

We’ll explain how the Free Pick Up Service works and help you determine if it’s a good fit for yo

Get It All Done Over The Phone

A friendly team member is standing by ready to assist you, walking you through the entire free pick up service and room selection process. We pride ourselves on going the mile for our tenants, matching the best unit to their specific circumstances.

Reasons To Consider Our Free Pick Up Service

We offer FREE transportation to one of our self storage facilities conveniently located near you, throughout Westchester County. All you need to do is get everything ready then contact us or give us a call (914) 631-7867 and we’ll come pick up your belongings and bring them to your storage unit. You’re Pressed For Time You may be extremely pressed for time and would prefer to have a professional team help you move your belongings into storage. You Don’t Want To Recruit Family or Friends Many people feel awkward asking friends or family for assistance with moving and would prefer to leave things to professionals. You’re New To The Area Perhaps you’re new to Tarrytown and you’re not sure who to trust or who to ask for assistance. You’re Unwilling Or Unable To Move Many people simply cannot move themselves due to a conflicting schedule, physical limitation or geographic limitation such as being out of town

Reasons Why Other Tenants Selected Our Free Pick Up Service

They Didn’t Want To Ask Family and Friends For Help
Many people feel uncomfortable asking their friends and family for assistance

They Don’t Have A Truck or Van
Many people simply don’t have a truck, van or trailer to use.

Renting A Moving Truck Can Be Expensive
Renting a truck for the day, by the hour or for several days can be expensive and may require additional insurance not covered on automobile policies.

Moving Trucks Can Be Difficult To Drive
Driving a moving truck or van isn’t the same as driving a car or SUV and many people aren’t up for the challenge.


Got Questions?

Some people are apprehensive about contacting a self storage facility and arranging for a storage unit over the phone. Rest assured, our team has years of hands on experience having helped thousands of people just like you secure a moving truck and storage unit over the phone.

Simply give us a call at (941) 631-7867


Our Team Is Standing By Ready To Assist You