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Climate Controlled Units Table of Contents:
The Best Protection | Climate Controlled Storage Units | Cedar Closets | Wine Storage | Antique Storage | Computers & Electronics | Media Storage
Medial Supply Storage | Important Paperwork Storage | 7 Reasons To Select One | Maximizing Your Unit | Climate Impact | Climate Effects

Climate Controlled Storage Facility

Climate controlled storage is a great way to guard your belongings by controlling the climate in which they’re stored. They are not always the correct solution, but they can be essential depending on your situation.

Climate Controlled facilities keep items in a constant environment, where the temperature inside the facility or inside individual units is regulated throughout the year.

If you’re afraid that extreme fluctuations in temperature between the winter and summer months can cause damage to your belongings climate-controlled storage is essential. People often choose a climate controlled unit to store irreplaceable items. Our pleasant and well-mannered, expert representatives are here to assist you. Give us a call (914) 631-7867

Climate Controlled Storage Offers The Best Protection

Controlling Mold and Mildew

Controlling mold and mildew requires the right temperature and humidity levels, within a narrow tolerance, with very little fluctuation. Though temperature is important, relative humidity is often critical.

Making the right choice between a climate controlled unit and a traditional one is as simple as asking one of our storage experts. Our team has years of experience in storing thousands of different items.


Our Climate Controlled Units

Climate Controlled Cedar closet unit interior photo
Climate Controlled Cedar Units
Climate Controlled unit interior photo
Climate Controlled Units
Climate controlled lockers exterior photo in hallway
Climate Controlled Lockers
Cedar Closet Room exterior photo

Cedar Closet Units

Cedar Closet Storage Units

Ever dream of a custom walk-in cedar closet in your home, but don’t have the time or money to build one? No need to look any further, Westchester Self Storage’s Tarrytown facility has a cedar closet waiting for you.

Your very own cedar closet located in our 3-story, state-of-the-art, climate controlled facility located in the heart of Tarrytown. View our Cedar Closet page

Our Door-to-Store service makes it easy to transport your clothes from your home to your private cedar closet self storage unit.

climate controlled wine storage Tarrytown

Wine Storage

Climate Controlled Wine Storage

Our climate controlled units are well suited for wine storage because access is limited to the unit holder who is issued an individual PIN code and unique lock for the unit. The consistent temperature, lack of humidity and elimination of sunlight combine to make our climate controlled units ideal for wine storage.

Store your wine and supplies on a short-term or extended basis, we’re flexible.

Our climate controlled units are the perfect solution for your wine storage needs:

  • For wine collectors who don’t want to maintain a cellar
  • For wine enthusiasts who don’t have room at home
  • For temporary wine storage when catering for a large function
  • For restaurants, bars and venues that need extra storage for wine and beverage inventory
  • For fine wines that have been inherited or when buying wine as an investment over the longer-term

climate controlled antiques storage Tarrytown

Antiques Storage

Climate Controlled Storage For Antiques

Antiques don’t do well when exposed to the elements. The humidity and temperature fluctuations could warp and degrade antiques causing irreparable damage. Antiques should always be stored in climate controlled storage units.

climate controlled electronics storage Tarrytown

Computer Storage

The Ideal Storage For Computers & Consumer Electronics

It’s very important for electronic equipment to be stored in an environment free from moisture. Even small amounts of moisture can short circuit your electronics when you turn them back on. If you have video equipment, audio equipment, computers, computer parts, or any other types of electronics equipment, then climate controlled storage units prevent moisture buildup.

cedar storage for clothing tarrytown

Clothing Storage

Climate Controlled Units For Clothing Storage

Delicate pieces of clothing including wool, fur, leather and cotton in particular can easily become damaged, susceptible to yellowing and odors from humidity related moisture.If you want your clothes to look, feel, and fit the same when they come out, then climate controlled storage units are your best option.

climate controlled media storage Tarrytown

Media Storage

Media Storage Preservation In Climate Controlled Units

Media storage and media storage devices require a dry environment and don’t do well with moisture or extreme variations in temperature. Items such as: software, videos, DVDs, CDs, photographs, vinyl records and cassettes are best protect in climate controlled storage

climate controlled med supply storage Tarrytown

Medical Storage

Medical Supplies & Equipment

Medical supplies and equipment and pharmaceutical representative supplies need to be stored at a consistent temperature that isn’t subject to extreme temperature variations, since the supplies can degrade when stored outside a normal temperature range.

Pharmaceutical and medical supply reps need their supplies to be stored at a consistent temperature that isn’t subject to extreme temperature variations, since the supplies can degrade when stored outside a normal temperature range.

climate controlled paperwork storage Tarrytown

File Storage

Important Paperwork Storage In Climate Controlled Units

Tax files and other important paperwork should be carefully stored in climate controlled storage units. Otherwise, they could degrade and become illegible.

7 Reasons To Select A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

7 Reasons To Select A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

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Reasons to consider upgrading from a basic storage unit to a climate controlled unit

1. Replacement Cost Of Your Items
The cost of replacing valuable items can be significantly more than the cost of a climate controlled room.
2. Irreplaceable Items
Items that cannot be replaced if ruined by improper storage conditions.
3. A Pleasant Visit
Climate controlled storage provides a moderate year-round temperature for you (when you visit).
4. Protection For An Extended Period Of Time
If you need to extend your storage, climate controlled units offer protection you may not have originally considered.
5. The Best Protection For Fragile Items
Moderated temperature and humidity offer the best conditions for fragile item storage.
6. Moderated Temperature
The moderated temperature of a climate controlled unit eliminates extreme temperature fluctuations.
7. Not Prone To The Elements
Conveniently located, within the interior of our facility these units near me offer extra protection from all the seasonal elements including: heat, cold, humidity, rainwater, snow and extreme temperature fluctuations.

How To Maximize Your Climate Controlled Storage Unit

How To Maximize Your Climate Controlled Storage Unit

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How to get the most of your climate controlled unit investment

1. Box By Category or Room (Kitchen, Bath, Winter Clothes or Christmas)
2. Assign Each Box A Unique Number
3. Label Each Box With Your Name and Unique Number
4. Catalog Each Box Number & Category On Excel Or Piece Of Paper
5. Measure Your Items And Boxes
6. Map Out Placement Before Moving
7. Plan Most Accessible Items To Be Nearest Entrance To The Unit
8. Plan For Pallets And Shelving If You Want Items Raised Off The Floor
9. Pack Each Box Tightly, Use Bubble Wrap, Packing Peanuts Or Towels To Protect Delicates
10. Label Boxes With “Fragile” Items

How Climate Impacts Your Belongings


What exactly is humidity? Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the air.

Excess humidity causes problems. It causes items to swell as humidity increases and shrink as it decreases. This can result in cracking. Mold and mildew thrive as humidity increases. Its greatest impact is upon wood, clothing, books, electrical components, computers and other delicate items such as fabric and leather.

Where you store things can make all the difference. People don’t realize that certain locations in their home are more prone to higher levels of humidity than others. Often the attic, garage and basement have the highest humidity levels, particularly in summer months. So, if you’re keeping your items at home, consider investing in a humidifier or dehumidifier, depending upon the conditions of the room.


Temperature extremes can play havoc on your belongings. Items expand in hot weather and contract in the cold. The swelling and shrinking can cause cracking, ruin finishes and ruin paper, fabric and other delicate items.

Pest problems also increase as temperatures and humidity rise.


The sun does damage across the spectrum of light (UVA, UVB and visible light) often more than people realize. Rooms in your home with a lot of sunlight tend to see the fading and discoloration of fabric.


Rainwater tracked into the home causes damage. It can ruin furniture, damage rugs and bedding. Often it’s not just the rainwater, but dirt, mud and pests as well.


With snow comes moisture. There’s also winter elements such as road salt used to melt the snow. Together, they’re tracked into your home and can damage your rugs, furniture and bedding.


Autumn clean up can bring moisture, dirt and unwelcome pests into your home, which can ruin fabrics, clothing, paper and furniture.

Effects Of Extreme Temperature On Items In Storage Near Me

  • Extreme temperatures (hot or cold) often cause cracking, tearing, breakage and warping of wood from expansion and contraction of the material
  • Fabrics tend to degrade in extreme temperatures
  • Paper tends to yellow when exposed to  extreme temperatures.
  • Hot weather and the associated humidity cause mold and mildew to appear on paper and fabric.
  • Extreme temperatures and increased moisture can cause rust and corrosion and
  • Dampness, moisture and cold can create havoc for electronics.
  • Photos, vinyl record and other items can warp, fade or degrade
  • Pests are more common in higher temperatures causing damage to furniture and fabrics.

Climate controlled self storage units near me in Tarrytown are temperature controlled throughout the year, meaning they are cooled in the summer and heated in the winter. Moderating the temperature this way helps protect valuables from extreme fluctuations in temperature that have been known damage wood furniture, electronics, plastic, cosmetics, clothing and all sorts of household items.

In cold winter climates, heated storage spaces help protect your stored items from the effects of even the coldest temperatures.

Traditional storage units are our most popular choice for storage. Suitable for the types of items you would be comfortable storing in a typical household garage.

  • For storing items not susceptible to heat or cold temperature fluctuations.
  • Many traditional storage units provide the convenience of drive-up access


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